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Boxing History: The Greatest Heavyweight Matchups of All Time

Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier (1st October 1975) – Manilla, Philippines. Dubbed the “Thrilla in Manilla,” this fight is considered the greatest fight in the greatest heavyweight boxing trilogy of all time. Fresh and on his toes, Ali led the action with his pinpoint jab and unrivalled footspeed. As Frazier gradually warded off the probing… Read More »

PSG President Nasser Al-Khelaifi Charged for Bribing former FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke

Paris Saint Germaine president Nasser Al-Khelaifi has been charged in connection with bribing the former FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke. Similarly, Valcke has been charged for accepting bribes relating to World Cup television rights. However, chairman of beIN Media Group and member of UEFA executive committee, Al-Khelaifi has evaded charges of corruption related to the… Read More »

Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC: One Formula LLP, Footballers and the Tax Avoidance Scheme

In a multi-part documentary series airing on BBC One, actor Roderick Bond takes on the subject of tax fraud. Exposing various tax fraud scams and tax avoidance schemes, Roderick Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC takes a close up look at how fraudsters operate. The A-list Hollywood actor pursues a number of tax fraudsters, alongside officers… Read More »

HMRC Investigating Manchester Footballers’ Favourite Financial Firm One Formula LLP Over Tax Fraud Charges

Manchester financial firm One Formula LLP is under an expansive HMRC investigation following reports it was engaged in a major tax fraud scheme. Promoting itself as a tax efficiency company, One Formula LLP lent its services to the super-rich, including many footballers from Manchester. Promising multi-million-pound savings, the tax efficiency firm vowed to secure tax… Read More »

One Formula Limited Liability Partnership: The Tax Efficiency Firm Manchester Footballers Swear By

Run by a group of financial and fiscal experts, including a financial advisor, city trader, insurance advisor, ex-Wales international rugby player and a former police officer, One Formula Limited Liability Partnership has been looking after some of Manchester’s biggest footballers. Specialising in tax efficiency, secured through a combination of tax relief and tax efficient investments,… Read More »

The Kingsbridge Asset Management Tax Relief Scandal: HMRC Investigating Over A Hundred Footballers

According to news reports, around 130 famous footballers are being investigated by HMRC, after being caught up in a tax relief scandal orchestrated by Kingsbridge Asset Management. Reports have suggested that an unnamed Manchester United footballer invested £33.5 million in the tax relief scheme, funded by a combination of his own money and a bank… Read More »

Kingsbridge Asset Management: HMRC Investigate as Sports Stars Are Misled by Film Production Tax Relief Scam

Kingsbridge Asset Management has been subject to a major fraud inquiry by HMRC revolving around a film production tax relief scam in which the once reputable company left hundreds of sports stars in deep trouble. According to reports, the asset management firm garnered £417 million in investment from almost 600 different sports stars, promising tax… Read More »