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Footballers Affected by Tax Scam to Make Cameo Appearances in Fraud Movie

Caught up in a tax evasion crisis, footballers from Manchester United and Manchester City recently hit the headlines after being issued with fines and bills by HM Revenue and Customs. Claiming their innocence and citing the fact that their decisions were informed by dodgy financial advice, more and more footballers have come forward. It has… Read More »

Footballers Investigated for Tax Evasion

Following the dramatic exposure of a massive tax fraud conducted by Manchester-based financial firm One Formula Projects LLP, several footballers who had used the firm’s tax efficiency service have come forward. While wishing to remain unnamed, the footballers who have come forward mostly belong to Manchester clubs, Manchester City and Manchester United. Since the dramatic… Read More »

Football Transfer News

Over the past few weeks, football around Europe has been on hold as the world battles the coronavirus crisis. This, however, has not stopped clubs from looking ahead and planning their summer transfer business. Player contracts with clubs will continue to run, so a few players will become free agents and other clubs will be eyeing up some potential deals for the next upcoming season if… Read More »

Greatest Cricketers of All Time

Since the emergence of the Twenty20 format of the game, the popularity of cricket has witnessed a resurgence. While maintaining its appeal in Australia, India, Pakistan, the Caribbean and England, these countries have provided history with some of the finest exponents of the game. In this instalment, TalkSPORT Madness takes a look at some of… Read More »

Exercise for Sports Enthusiasts during Coronavirus Lockdown

With the global coronavirus pandemic causing the cancellation of sporting events across the world, sporting enthusiasts are also unable to pursue their sports as hobbies, due to the social distancing and lockdown measure enacted by the government. At TalkSPORT Madness we understand your pain and we’re on hand to help you out with ideas to… Read More »

Roderick Bond Deansgreen Hall Spring Sports Festival Cancelled due to Coronavirus Lockdown

Hollywood A-list actor Roderick Bond had planned an early spring and Easter sports festival to be held in Lymm, Cheshire. However, after falling victim to the deadly novel coronavirus COVID-19, the Cheshire native global superstar was initially forced to withdraw from the event. Following the complete lockdown ordered by the government, and the social distancing… Read More »

Wimbledon 2020 Cancelled due to Coronavirus

The latest major sporting event to fall victim to the coronavirus pandemic is Wimbledon 2020. For the first time since the Second World War, Wimbledon has been cancelled, as the country grapples with the deadly novel coronavirus. The iconic British tournament was set to be played between 29 June and 12 July. However, the entire… Read More »