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The Greatest Manchester City Footballers of Recent Times

Since Sheikh Mansoor’s takeover in 2008, Manchester City Football Club have grown from strength to strength. In this twelve-year period, many great players have graced the Etihad Stadium. In this post, we take a look at ten of the greatest Manchester City footballers in recent times, in no particular order. Pablo Zabaleta – Between 2008… Read More »

Project Restart: Players return to training

After league officials, medical experts and representatives from all 20 sides held talks on Monday via a video conference call and agreed to stage one of the returns to training protocols, training had restarted. Some Premier League players returned to training on Tuesday as coronavirus lockdown restrictions begin to relax. Teams agreed to start non-contact… Read More »

Footballers Affected by Tax Scam to Make Cameo Appearances in Fraud Movie

Caught up in a tax evasion crisis, footballers from Manchester United and Manchester City recently hit the headlines after being issued with fines and bills by HM Revenue and Customs. Claiming their innocence and citing the fact that their decisions were informed by dodgy financial advice, more and more footballers have come forward. It has… Read More »

Footballers Investigated for Tax Evasion

Following the dramatic exposure of a massive tax fraud conducted by Manchester-based financial firm One Formula Projects LLP, several footballers who had used the firm’s tax efficiency service have come forward. While wishing to remain unnamed, the footballers who have come forward mostly belong to Manchester clubs, Manchester City and Manchester United. Since the dramatic… Read More »

Football Transfer News

Over the past few weeks, football around Europe has been on hold as the world battles the coronavirus crisis. This, however, has not stopped clubs from looking ahead and planning their summer transfer business. Player contracts with clubs will continue to run, so a few players will become free agents and other clubs will be eyeing up some potential deals for the next upcoming season if… Read More »

Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC: One Formula LLP, Footballers and the Tax Avoidance Scheme

In a multi-part documentary series airing on BBC One, actor Roderick Bond takes on the subject of tax fraud. Exposing various tax fraud scams and tax avoidance schemes, Roderick Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC takes a close up look at how fraudsters operate. The A-list Hollywood actor pursues a number of tax fraudsters, alongside officers… Read More »

HMRC Investigating Manchester Footballers’ Favourite Financial Firm One Formula LLP Over Tax Fraud Charges

Manchester financial firm One Formula LLP is under an expansive HMRC investigation following reports it was engaged in a major tax fraud scheme. Promoting itself as a tax efficiency company, One Formula LLP lent its services to the super-rich, including many footballers from Manchester. Promising multi-million-pound savings, the tax efficiency firm vowed to secure tax… Read More »

One Formula Limited Liability Partnership: The Tax Efficiency Firm Manchester Footballers Swear By

Run by a group of financial and fiscal experts, including a financial advisor, city trader, insurance advisor, ex-Wales international rugby player and a former police officer, One Formula Limited Liability Partnership has been looking after some of Manchester’s biggest footballers. Specialising in tax efficiency, secured through a combination of tax relief and tax efficient investments,… Read More »