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The Kingsbridge Asset Management Tax Relief Scandal: HMRC Investigating Over A Hundred Footballers

According to news reports, around 130 famous footballers are being investigated by HMRC, after being caught up in a tax relief scandal orchestrated by Kingsbridge Asset Management. Reports have suggested that an unnamed Manchester United footballer invested £33.5 million in the tax relief scheme, funded by a combination of his own money and a bank… Read More »

Kingsbridge Asset Management: HMRC Investigate as Sports Stars Are Misled by Film Production Tax Relief Scam

Kingsbridge Asset Management has been subject to a major fraud inquiry by HMRC revolving around a film production tax relief scam in which the once reputable company left hundreds of sports stars in deep trouble. According to reports, the asset management firm garnered £417 million in investment from almost 600 different sports stars, promising tax… Read More »