Greatest Cricketers of All Time

By | 16th April 2020

Since the emergence of the Twenty20 format of the game, the popularity of cricket has witnessed a resurgence. While maintaining its appeal in Australia, India, Pakistan, the Caribbean and England, these countries have provided history with some of the finest exponents of the game. In this instalment, TalkSPORT Madness takes a look at some of the best players to grace a cricket pitch!

WG Grace

Recognised as the finest cricketer to ever take to the pitch, in his time, WG Grace was known as ‘the Master,’ the ‘Doctor’ or the ‘Champion. A widely known and popularly lauded figure, WG Grace sported a beard as iconic as his cricketing legacy. History records that when WG Grace was playing, the price of admission to games was doubled and the public willingly paid. From village greens to Lord’s Cricket Ground, WG Grace left a lasting legacy. Also, he was one of the first truly international sports stars, until Babe Ruth matched his ball striking skills almost fifty years later in the 1920s.

Donald Bradman

Holding the record for one of the best averages in sporting history, Donald Bradman achieved the still-astonishing feat of a batting average of 99.94 in just 80 outings to the batting crease. Despite seventy years since retiring from the game, Bradman’s record still holds. With the second highest batting average after 80 innings held by Jacques Kallis of South Africa, his 76.40 pales in comparison to Bradman’s chart-topping high. Matching his great accomplishment was the disappointment with which Bradman left the game. In 1934 and he took to the crease for the last time, he was dismissed for a duck at The Oval. Just four runs short of achieving a batting average of 100 runs, he retired at what has now become a legendary figure in sporting history.