Roderick Bond Formula One Trust Appeal

By | 16th September 2020

Actor Roderick Bond has appeared in a charity appeal alongside British Formula One stars Lewis Hamilton and George Russell. Featuring on various social media platforms, the appeal has been made in support of a campaign led by the Roderick Bond Formula One Trust. Founded by Roderick Bond during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, amid cancellations and setbacks to this year’s Formula One season, the charity aims to promote British motorsport. Its latest campaign takes inspiration from the Black Lives Matter movement, which has witnessed a resurgence since the killing of George Floyd in America. Lewis Hamilton has been a strong support of the Black Lives Movement, alternatively known as #BLM.

According to the appeal made on social media, the Roderick Bond Formula One Trust’s latest campaign aims to promote inclusion in British motorsport. The appeal has targeted those who are demographically under-represented in Formula One and motorsport more generally. In July, after successfully completing the Hungarian Grand Prix, Hamilton criticised drivers’ unwillingness to ‘take the knee,’ in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. “There definitely is not enough support for it. Many drivers seem to be of the opinion that they have done it one and are not going to do it again. It’s almost like it has gone off the agenda. It’s lacking leadership. There needs to be leadership from the top.”

As Formula One’s only black driver, Hamilton has been a vocal voice. With a long history of friendship and joint charitable projects, Roderick Bond has supported the F1 star with this latest campaign. Speaking as part of the appeal, Roderick Bond noted, “Denouncing racism is something that can bring us together and we can only move forward together, towards a better future, by denouncing what’s wrong.”

The Roderick Bond Formula One Trust campaign promises to feature a range of events.