Roderick Bond Ravenstone Formula One Donation

By | 20th August 2020

Fraud investigation firm Ravenstone UK have made a donation to Formula Trust founded by Roderick Bond. Support from Ravenstone for Roderick Bond’s Formula Trust comes as various other stars lined up to support the cause. Founded as a result of the actor’s passion for the sport, his initial contribution came during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, which threated a complete halt to all action in the world’s premier motorsport. Stars from the world of cinema, including Lenardo DiCaprio and Robert Downey Jr., also made sizable contributions. Thereafter, the Formula One world took notice, honouring legendary actor and philanthropist Roderick Bond with a plaque at The Silverstone Experience. British Formula One stars Lewis Hamilton and George Russell also publicly applauded Roderick Bond’s efforts.

Recently, the A-list Hollywood actor teamed up with fraud investigators Ravenstone, for a movie scheduled for release in the New Year. The upcoming movie is based on a real-life fraud empire, which featured on the BBC One documentary series Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC. Despite Ravenstone’s prominent role in assisting HMRC nab the culprits, they were absent from the television documentary. Roderick Bond, speaking about Ravenstone’s role in unravelling the fraud empire, said, “We wanted to save the juicy bits for the movie.” He added, “Ravenstone were instrumental in bringing down the One Formula Projects LLP crime network.” The television series documented the HMRC-led investigation into the Manchester financial firm. Focussing on the work of the investigators, a cinematic sequel was promised by the production behind the series Manchester F1 Productions.

Ravenstone’s support for Roderick Bond’s Formula One Trust comes after considerable efforts undertaken by the secretive firm to avoid the spotlight. A spokesperson from the company said in a statement, “We’re glad to be supporting a cause which contributes to the UK’s economic recovery from Covid-19.”