Footballers Affected by Tax Scam to Make Cameo Appearances in Fraud Movie

By | 22nd April 2020

Caught up in a tax evasion crisis, footballers from Manchester United and Manchester City recently hit the headlines after being issued with fines and bills by HM Revenue and Customs. Claiming their innocence and citing the fact that their decisions were informed by dodgy financial advice, more and more footballers have come forward. It has also emerged that some footballers were approached by Manchester filming company F1 Productions, who plan to produce a movie detailing the life and crimes of the multimillion-pound fraudsters. Starring Roderick Bond, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks and Robert Downey Jr., the film titled The Tax Fraud of the Century is set to be released later this year.

Manchester City and Manchester United Footballers Duped by Tax Scammers

It is alleged that One Formula Projects LLP approached footballers, their agents and football clubs, promising a tax loophole which would save the footballers millions in tax. Making them eligible for the lesser-rate corporation tax, as opposed to employment tax, the footballers stood to gain £26,000 for every £100,000 earned. While some reports have mentioned Manchester City and Manchester United football clubs and estimated the number of players affected to be around thirty, no individual names have hitherto been mentioned.

One Formula Projects LLP Tax Fraud Empire

One Formula Projects LLP rose to great public renown, after establishing an anti-knife crime campaign, an animal shelter and a Cold War Tank Museum. The charitable projects were portrayed as attempts to give back to the community. However, in reality, they all acted as fronts for an elaborate and expansive tax fraud empire. One Formula Projects LLP went from renown to infamy, after featuring on a BBC One documentary series Rod Bond: Tax Fraud and HMRC.

The Tax Fraud of the Century Movie

The Tax Fraud of the Century movie recounts the lavish lifestyles enjoyed by the tax fraudsters, at the expense of the public purse. Manchester filming company F1 Productions have confirmed that several footballers will be making cameo appearances in the movie.