Rumour: Lionel Messi to leave Barcelona

By | 3rd September 2020

Lionel Messi signed a new four-year deal with Barcelona in 2017, but Josep Bartomeu says he is free to end his contract anytime he wants. There has been plenty of speculation surrounding the nature of Lionel Messi’s contract deals since the poor run Barcelona have endured with the sacking of their managers.

In what may come as a shock to many Barcelona fans, Messi could leave for free at the end of the season. This event could become a possibility after the confirmation of a special clause in Lionel Messi’s contract which allows him to leave the club for free at the end of the season.

 Champions League defeat

The Argentina international’s side was woeful as his team crashed out to a heavy defeat by Bayern Munich. This humiliating loss left Messi and Barcelona completely in tatters as it was one of the worst defeats in the club’s history. The Barcelona star reportedly felt ‘very hurt’ after the game and has left him considering his future.

Barcelona went into the game against Bayern as underdogs after having a poor season under two different managers. They had lost their pole league position in the latter stages to their rival, Real Madrid, before coming into this game.

 Which club would go for Messi?

With Messi’s future now up in the air, other clubs are sniffing about to see if making a move for the world’s best player is viable. Manchester City and PSG have been talked up of having serious interest in making lucrative offers for Lionel Messi.

The transfer window has already had some significant signings completed, with clubs across different leagues doing great business. Chelsea has run rampant and have made about 4 signings already. Some have suggested Roman Abramovich may be keeping tabs on the situation and might have a say in this Lionel Messi transfer saga.