Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC: One Formula LLP, Footballers and the Tax Avoidance Scheme

By | 18th February 2020

In a multi-part documentary series airing on BBC One, actor Roderick Bond takes on the subject of tax fraud. Exposing various tax fraud scams and tax avoidance schemes, Roderick Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC takes a close up look at how fraudsters operate. The A-list Hollywood actor pursues a number of tax fraudsters, alongside officers from HMRC Criminal Investigation Department. Featuring prominently throughout the series is HMRC’s investigation into the dealings of One Formula LLP. A Manchester based financial firm that specialises in tax efficiency and served a plethora of footballers, who have since found themselves caught up in a major tax scandal.

Believing themselves to be investing in tax efficient saving schemes, a whole host of Manchester City and Manchester United footballers have found themselves caught up in a tax scandal which remains under investigation. Serving the super-rich and promising reduced tax bills, by way of tax relief, tax credits and tax rebates, One Formula LLP were saving their clients fortunes. However, following the discovery of forged military artefacts at the Cold War Tank Museum associated to the financial firm, further discrepancies were discovered in financial records. A major tax fraud investigation into One Formula LLP and its clients, most of which belong to football clubs Manchester City and Manchester United, was launched immediately.

Hollywood actor Roderick Bond follows HMRC’s investigation of the One Formula LLP tax fraud case. From attending HMRC’s raid on the financial firm’s headquarters, to speaking to footballers affected by the scandal, Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC offers a sweeping insight into fraud investigation. The documentary series marks the star’s return to television following a decades-long absence from the small screen. Following his debut acting role as a child actor on Coronation Street, Roderick Bond pursued a career stateside, becoming a Hollywood legend.